Wednesday, May 10, 2006


My hips always lie

Heard that new Shakira/Wyclef "joint" on the way to school. At least it's newer than most of the other crap. I need satellite radio. No, I want satellite radio.

I read an amazing excerpt from an article with the Dalai Lama that was in the London Telegraph. I'll see if I can find it online, if not I'll bring it in with me because some of his quotes are priceless. Found it. I'll read through it later and find all my favorite quotes for tomorrow.

Left work a little early yesterday (5:10) and didn't go work out. I wanted to see what coming home to an empty house felt like again. Occasionally I'll miss it but that's just when J gets on my nerves (which hahdly ever happens ;). So I watched some TV, tried to make stir fry and found my baby bok choy to be covered in brown spots and emitting a horribly pungent aroma. Shit, I was looking forward to that. So I made a sandwich with the last of my organic ciabatta bread and sauteed some plantains. Very very good replacement dinner. And for lunch today I have some of our leftover chicken fingers in sandwich form with the leftover plantains. Yum.

So dinner, then I cleaned some, then I made some calls, then I walked the cats which is very difficult considering I was one and they were two. But we made a lap around our neighbor's building and then made it home safely. Then I folded some clothes and vacuumed. I'm going to try my best and keep the house clean while J is in Charleston if for no other reason, to prove to myself that I can do it.

But after that Tomary and Jandy came over. Those names are the paparazzi names that we came up with to refer to our coupleselves. We are Soan. Tomary is actually both full names minus one m. Jandy is also almost both full names but change the a in Jan to an e for the actual name. But I digress.

I had actually planned for it to be a guy's night, but the better halves showed up. More acurately, I didn't want to bore the other halves with our planning and car talk. But it was okay, we made our plans (sort of). I also wanted to show them a DVD I got in the mail with coverage from the first 4 WRC rallies of this year, but I couldn't find it at home and hopefully it's here.

Today's rambling has been brought to you by the letter Q.

I miss you sweetie! (Assuming they have an internet connection on the farm)


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