Friday, May 12, 2006


Mmmmm, carcinogens

I'm not really a smoker. Maybe 4 packs a year, if that. But I enjoy smoking. It's relaxing and makes standing around a little more interesting and you look cool (according to 80's cigarette marketing at least). J is against smoking. Her mom has been slowly killing herself for 30+ years with cancer sticks. But it's not the early death thing that irks her; it's the smell. She hates the way I smell and taste after smoking, and I don't blame her. It's not a pleasant sensation.

So J split town and I picked up a pack. In the span of one cigarette I had two neighbors tell me I was going to kill myself. I assume they were truly concerned with my health, and I appreciate that.

I'm not really an advocate for smoker's rights or anything, but I've made a few observations that might help with smoker/non-smoker relations:
- For the love of everything holy and unholy, DON'T THROW YOUR BUTTS ON THE GROUND! It's disgusting and makes everything look trashy and gives off the impression that you don't care about how your environment and neighborhood looks. Try this: Pop the cherry off of the cigarette, blow on the butt so all sparks are gone, and put it in your pocket unless you're close to a trash can. Wasn't that easy?
- Don't smoke around little kids and babies, unless they are bad parents and brought their baby to a bar
- If at all possible, don't smoke in your house. It hurts the resale value and guests won't want to come over. This is gonna be tough, but it's worth it.

I think the biggest thing is the butt trash everywhere. More of those smoking outposts can be seen, but they're not everywhere.

The biggest things that (IMHO) non-smokers hate about smokers:
The trash - baseball games, golf courses, parks, streets, sidewalks, it's literally everywhere
The smoke - some people even claim allergies to 2nd-hand smoke (passive-aggressive nonsense)
The smell - it's everywhere, your car, your house, your cat, your clothes, your fingers, your teeth, YOU
Your non-caring attitude - You know you're killing yourself and you don't care, some people don't like that, as if you don't care about human life (it's yours, sod off)
Supporting cigaretter companies - They have been killing people for decades and even are paying for anti-smoking commercials and people still smoke like freakin' chimneys

I think that's about it. Just try and be mindful of non-smokers and you just might put off only being able to smoke outside (in certain areas) for just a bit longer. Or you'll just have to move somewhere where they don't mind smokers. VA or Europe.


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