Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Lotus Elise

Originally uploaded by Silonius.
So I set-up a Flickr account. Same user name as the one you see above in the url. Just car pics right now.

But I got to drive the Lotus Elise! It was truly amazing. 190 HP, 2000 lbs., amazing handling. An amazing vehicle. It had really nice and predictable off-throttle oversteer, which means if you're coming into a turn, you lift off the gas, the nose turns in and points towards the turn, get back on the gas and power out of the turn. Incredible.

The cockpit is uber-cozy. You have to really like your passenger. You wouldn't rub shoulders but it's close. I had to barely lean over to reach the opposite power window button. No glovebox, just a small opening in front of the passenger.

Great car, and it's actually affordable (or will be someday).


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