Friday, May 26, 2006


I'm always in the dark

Sorry I didn't make it over here sooner. But I'm still a tad confused over what happened. Some good questions, nailed some, stumbled on others. Left the room for them to discuss my fate. Came back in and they said "it's not a pass or a fail; we're going to table this for 6 months and see where we're at." Um, okay. So I didn't pass but more importantly I didn't fail, and it's over, so now I can focus on research again.

There were a few holes in my research, problems that need to be taken care of, a few (crystal) structures that need to be clearer and more defined. They said that a PhD is alot about the approach to the problem and not just solving the problem, which of course is true. And I need to stop trying to do this all on my own. I'm still a newbie chemist and there is just no way I can solve these on my own. I guess I could, but it's not an efficient use of my time. So I'm going to spread out and start using some great resources, my committee members and their combined 60-70 years of chemistry knowledge.

And we'll revisit this in 6 months. So we're still alive. I know what I need to work on and have a better idea of where my research is taking me, I just have to do it. But something tells me I won't be graduating in May. Ah well, there's always August or even December.

I'm okay, J is okay. I just need to copy some of this text and send it to my folks who are still waiting on the verdict.

Autocross tomorrow. Gonna be a good day. I'm feelin fast.


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