Monday, May 29, 2006


Happy Memorial Day!

And of course, I'm at work. But please keep in mind all the families of our current troops and our veterans, just like you do everyday but today especially.

Is it safe to say that everyone in the country is related to someone who was active in the military? Both grandfathers and an uncle were deployed and bravely fought for this country and she appreciates every second of it.

J was up late last night (her father's a vet and her brother too) scrapbooking. We stumbled upon some cute cat themed stickers and scrapbooking items and she put them to good use last night. Except for the phrase she glued onto one page. It read "Love makes our a home house." Uh, sweetie? What the devil is that supposed to mean? Oops. I do like the verbal beat of "a home house" though despite its awful grammar. I guess she got a little too tired for coherent thought. She said that she finally came to bed around 4 am. It was midnight for me. Some of us have to get up for work (and then blog for the first 20 minutes).

Results from this weekend's autocross. I got 16th out of 46 and 6th in class. It seems like I'm getting slower but there were lots of fast guys in our class. And I'm slowly coming to the realization that I autocross just for fun. It's cheap and very safe. But I'm a rally junky at heart. I can't wait to get on dirt, gravel or tarmac and fling my car sideways. But I would like to get faster no matter what I'm doing. It might be time to start looking into a driving school or branching out into other accesible areas of racing, like track days which are run at local road courses, Road Atlanta, Roebling Road, Carolina Motorsports Park, etc... But those are expensive and more rough on the car, so maybe I'll just stick with autocross until I can make a more significant financial contribution.

This morning I prepared our dinner, crock pot style. The name of the recipe is Stew Provencal, with the c being one of those weird french c's like in nicoise salad. But it's pork tenderloin, beef broth, red potatoes, onion, green beans, thyme, garlic (which I left out cuz I ain't got none), salt (kosher in our case), and pepper. 8 hrs on low, then 30 minutes on high with some beef broth/flour mixture added as a thickening agent and voila! Dinner with minimal effort! And thanks to chemistry and our friend "the polymer", clean-up is a snap thanks to (I think Protege said) nitroimides, a high temp clear polymer. Yay science!

I'll let you know tomorrow how it tastes. My prediction is....delicious!


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