Monday, May 15, 2006


Bring the ruckus

We did listen to 36 Chambers on the way home from Road Atlanta on Sat. night. Amazing album and if you don't have it, I highly recommend picking it up.

It's the Wu-Tang Clan's debut album from 1993.

I've been sneezing in multiples recently, mostly in 3s. I'm not too concerned but it is still weird.

We left Friday around 5 pm to head down to Road Atlanta for Formula Drift Round 2. We got to watch some practice and the amateurs qualify for 16 of the 32 spots that are open. Unfortunately there are still some pros and heavily sponsored cars that are trying to qualify for those 16 spots. My friend, Andy Sapp, who is the bottom photo link to your left, received a provisional one event pass so that he could try and qualify. Normally he tears shit up with speed and severe drifting angle. But he was having car issues from his BMW 325. The traction control kept coming on and traction control does not work well for drifting. So he had some lackluster runs, but there's always next year. And ATL has a growing drifting scene so he just gets to keep practicing and practicing and working out all the bugs. Best of luck Andy!

So we left the track at 9:20 pm, and arrived at Fort Yargo State Park at 9:45 pm. The gates close at 10 pm. So we drove around and eventually found our campsite. Set up camp, had some dinner and relaxed. We were awoken by some woman that kept saying "camp post!". It was 8:15 am and I had no idea wtf she was talking about, but luckily our Citadel graduate friend, no stranger to early morning wake-ups, was sharp and said "Yes?"
Do you have a reservation?
Yes. The last name is (my last name).
Ok, thank you.

And that was it. She swung back by about 10 am just for good measure. There was a triathlon that Saturday in the park so to guarantee we got a campsite I had to reserve it, but there is a two night minimum reservation on weekends. Fine, it's only $10/night, so I got both. So this lady asks us if we'll be there again on Sat. night since all of stuff is packed up and ready to go. "Well no, we won't" but I really wanted to add "But since I have already paid for Sat. night, I would like this campsite to be deserted. Thank you." But I didn't. If the GA park system wants to try and extort a ten spot from someone else, who am I to stop them?

So stopped at a crazy busy McD's for some breakfast and a bathroom, then headed back over to Road ATL. The drifting was delayed until 3:45-4 but they had other racing series on-track up until then. It was a great day of racing and we had one of the best spots in the house.

I'll just sum up real quick, but it was amazing. Rhys Millen and Samuel Hubinette were supposed to debut new cars, but they didn't. But it was down to Tanner Foust and Samuel Hubinette in the finals and Tanner turned it on. The first tandem run was his best all day. He was wicked sideways all the way down the hill after the horseshoe and was smokin' the tires like mad in his AEM/Memphis Audio Nissan 350Z (yep, I'm a shill). Tanner is also a rally driver who does very well in Production GT in his Subaru WRX. And also can keep a car slideways with the best of 'em.

Congrats Tanner!


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