Wednesday, April 26, 2006


The Pit of Despair

For all the Princess Bride fans out there. Fortunately I'm not in one, but I'm miffed.

So I freaked and rescheduled my pre-oral. Then one Prof. had a conflict, so I moved it again. Then my advisor comes into today and says "Where are we meeting?" Uh, WTF mate? We're meeting in the conference room. In TWO DAYS! Oh. I can't do it then. Oh. I guess you didn't get the last email but Dr. so and so had a doctor's appointment and couldn't do it today. Well call my secretary and schedule it with her. So I sent out an email saying we couldn't do it on Friday and when is everyone available. Not until the end of May. Dr. doctor appointment is out of town until May 19th! I knew I had to get it done before the semester was over.

But it's ok. Now I'll be uber-prepared for it. And I know what I'll be doing at work for the next few weeks. Work, read, work, read, etc....

So it feels good to be back and even though there is still a monkey on my back, he lets me type if I give him bananas. And speaking of monkeys (apes actually) did you see that story about the Texan in Sierra Leone that got attacked by an older chimp? Check it out. I really wonder what Jane Goodall would have to say about that?

I really should've done a review of the talk she gave when she came here many moons ago. She said goodnight in chimp at the end. She is incredible. The world will be a darker place without her. But she is doing all she can so that her life's work will carry on.

So Evil Science Chick (whose link I need to update, Julie's too, and Slothy's) is in the market for a scooter aka moped. The moped is a popular mode of transportation in the sleepy hamlet that is Clemson, SC.

They are popular because:
Parking is much easier and closer to your classes
Amazing gas mileage (50-70 mpg)
No license required (hence they are sometimes called DUIcycles, pronounced Deweycycles)
No insurance required
High resale value (may only apply to here, but you never know)

So where do you start when you're in the moped market? You start at the top.
In business since 1946 and have sold over 16 million worldwide, they know what the hell it is they're doing. Italian design (Ferrari anyone?) and accessories custom-made for your Vespa. Gorgeous.

Only problem is that you're paying for all this heritage and fine Italian craftsmanship. They range from $3200 to $6000. Ouch. That's a used car. But if you live in tha ATL you have 2 semi-close dealers.

So you aren't crazy about the classic look of Vespas? Lucky for you, they purchased Piaggio last year. Also Italian but a little more avantgarde styling. Check this page out for their 6 different models. Cool, but unfortunately you're still paying the Italian premium price. These are right about in the same price range as the Vespas.

Okay, so you can't afford an Italian. Well, just one more. Aprilia. Makers of amazing V-twin crotch rockets and also a purveyor of scooters. This page is their line of traditional scooters.
This is NOT a traditional scooter. This is the raciest moped you're gonna find. You're gonna be the leader of your moped gang on this beast.
Just take a look at the display.

Amazing. You'll be the coolest kid in the tri-state area.

And all this for only 3 grand. Not bad. I think I found my scooter.

So still a little pricey? And you want to reduce your oil usage? Go Electric!

A full charge is good for 20+ miles and it only takes 5 hours for a full charge! And it's only $1200! I can hear Ed Begley Jr. jumping for joy now.

Too hippie? And you still love good ol' petrol? Japan to the rescue!
Yamaha showroom
Classic styling, prices from $1849, dependability and you have a conversation starter with the guy in full leathers on his GSXR 1000.
"Nice bike. That a Yamaha."
"Uh, yeah."
"Cool. So is mine."

Honda also has a full line of scooters. Prices ranging from $8500 to $1849. Big ones, little ones, red ones, silver ones.

If I wanted fun, I would get the Aprilia, but if I wanted utility, I would get the Honda Ruckus

Tough, rugged, surprisingly lots of storage space. Not tons, it's still a scooter but you could stuff a bag or something under the seat. And prices start at $2000, not bad at all.

So hope that helps and doesn't confuse.

Feels good to be back.


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