Tuesday, April 11, 2006



So most of you know that my pre-oral is coming up. Well, it's a bit more work than I had planned, blissful ignorance if you want to label it. So I might be postponing it a week, so that I can put some finishing touches on it and really make a solid presentation.

But in that vein, I probably won't be posting much, if at all, in the next couple weeks. Original pre-oral date is April 19th, freaking out and postponing date is April 26th. We'll see what happens, but before I leave a couple links stolen from Chris over at Cynical-C

Tut the cat barking/chirping at something outside, not a very well known cat sound, but cat people will know that some cats don't make "normal" cat sounds.

The other are cartoons about the whole image of Mohammed situation.


Update: It's official. I'm freakin' out. So all attempts will be made to postpone my talk until April 26th. I need that extra week badly.


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