Sunday, April 02, 2006


Hazy days of winter

Nope, not down here. Gorgeous and in the low 80's I would guess, maybe high 70's.

So J and I slept in, actually an hour was stolen from us thanks to our drunken uncle Daylight Savings Time, so we slept in an hour less than we thought. Thanks for nothing government!

But as a treat I took J down to Lavonia, GA (Lavonia is pronounced as southern as possible, long o sound) because that is home to the closest Shoney's around. Shoney's has a breakfast bar that is hard to beat, but the best part is around 11-11:30 it turns into a brunch bar that skyrockets it to a wonderful place to get some mashed potatoes and gravy, french toast and grits on the same bar. It's wonderful. So I had half a biscuit and gravy, grits and cheese, a self-prepared sausage and egg biscuit, some chicken nuggets (real chicken) with honey, and a taste of mashed potatoes. Yum, a wonderful way to start a lazy Sunday. Then we returned home and I finished watching the F1 race from Melbourne, Australia. It actually aired live last night at 10:30 pm but we were at a friend's going away party. He got a job up in UK (University of Kentucky) in Lexington, which is a fairly cool town. So he'll at least fake to like Kentucky basketball and he should be okay. Good luck Jeff!

But since we were with our significant others (2 out of 3 who HATE racing, J doesn't mind it too much) we weren't able to watch the race. It was pretty good. Few good wrecks, some nail biting passes and a blow-out win by everyone's favorite 24 yr old Spaniard, Fernando Alonso. Last year's world champion actually. A quick pic for the ladies:

Followed by Kimi Raikkonen (few umalauts in there, he's Finnish) and Ralf Schumacher, German and little brother of the great Micheal Schumacher who slammed into a wall running 8th (if memory serves). The lone American driving for the Italian Red Bull team came in 8th. Go Scott Speed!

Speaking of Red Bull, the Red Bull chicks came out to the autocross on Saturday. And guess what they were driving. The new Red Bull Mini! It was so sick. I really wanted to jump on it and put it in my pocket and keep it as my pet. Fortunately for you, I snapped some pics with my friends digicam, so pics will be a-comin'. The autocross was good. Wicked fast, and as an anti-homage to NASCAR all but one turn were right handers (NASCRAP races on ovals going counter-clockwise making all turns left-handers). I placed 6th in class and 28th out of 73 cars. Seemingly slow, okay kind of actually slow, but there were plenty of fast cars and plenty of fast drivers and I was pleased with my performance and I'm also currently pleased with my financial investment, so I was happy and had a good day. Results are up but the web page currently isn't cooperating, so I'll post the link tomorrow. Speaking of which, do any of you actually look at the results? I'm guessing Smoove, but any others? Just curious. Results can be found here.

So I was laying in bed, watching Godzilla on the Showtime Freeview Weekend (Yay free channels for 3 days!) and suddenly realize that no cats or Js are around or can be heard. Weird, so I go in the living room and notice that their leashes are missing so I quickly put on my Sherlock Holmes hat and deduce that everyone has left me to go outside. But this gives me a chance to listen to my friend's voicemail. Turns out that a very close friend up and got married a couple weeks ago. Went up to Gatlinburg, TN and had a very small ceremony. No call, no nothing. I'm not offended, but I at least want a bleeding phonecall to know that one of my closest friends got hitched. So it went from 0 of 3 in relationships, to 3 for 3, to now 2 out of 3 married and I'm the lone not-really-free free man. Wow. So Congratulations Bryan and Mary! (Names changed to pseudo-protect the innocent) But I'm very glad and I'm sure you'll be very happy for a long long time.

Off to work, 3 weeks until my pre-oral!

Update: Someone got a good action pic of the Focus. Check it out.


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