Wednesday, April 05, 2006



I think I'm going to make some of that tonight, or maybe some potato bread. Neither from scratch.

First a BIG announcement: Joan started a blog! Yay!

Just Add Cheese is the name of it. It's brand spankin' new, she doesn't even have any links up yet, but stop by and say hey, if you want, or just stop by and lurk.

I bought some jicama at the store last night.

I have no idea how to prepare it. The sticker at Bi-Lo told me to cut it up and put it in salads raw, so maybe I'll do that. I'll probably try stir-frying some cuz I'm a stir-fry junkie.

We tried to buy lottery tickets last night, but they had stopped selling them. Well, J tried to buy lottery tickets, after my post on the odds of winning the lottery I can't bring myself to actually buy a ticket. Although I did get the urge last weekend to buy a ticket. Apparently that was a sign that I should've bought a ticket, but no one won the jackpot in Central, SC so I guess it wasn't a sign.

When I got this urge, I was driving home from work on a Saturday. J was somewhere, shopping maybe, and I didn't want to go home, so I cruised the neighborhoods, focusing (no pun intended, I was driving Tercel) on roads that I had never driven before. Oh the sights I saw! I need to get a pocket sized digicam just for trips like this. I found a place called "Redneck Engineering" and the sign said they make Harleys and Hotrods. And looking at their For Sale section, if they're actually getting 35 grand for their bikes, I would guess they're doing okay. Also ran across the "Upstate Co-op". I didn't stop and check it out, but luckily they have a website. Apparently you have to be a member to shop there and just being a member you can buy stuff at a 30% mark-up. If you work 4 hours/month, then the mark-up drops to 15%. Sounds pretty cool. They also have a $3 trial one month membership. We are definitely going to try that. Only problem is it has weird hours. The only days it's open past 2 pm are Thurs. and Sat. But being a grad student, I have weird hours, so it works out. And it'll be cool supporting local farmers and eating fresh produce that didn't travel on semi to get in my stomach.

Update: Captain Obvious flew by and showed me this
Study: Bush tax cuts making rich richer
I am soooooooo surprised by this. This study was hopefully paid for by poor white trash who voted for this joker.


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