Sunday, April 23, 2006


Almost there......

Friday is the big day. I'm gonna knock that muthatrucka outta the park yo. But I am well-prepared, both mentally and emotionally, for the onslaught that is a pre-oral.

Thanks for all the positive thoughts being sent this direction, both for me and for my co-worker.

The autocross went well yesterday. Had a good time not thinking about chemistry.
Results are here for the curious. I'm the Focus that got 14th out of 59.

Okay, I'll leave you with a story. J and I are going downtown to eat at Moe's. We are at the light a block down from there. There's a champagne Tahoe (or some SUV) in front of me at the light. Light turns green and I give him about 3-4 seconds, doesn't move, so I use my horn to gently remind him that he is behind the wheel of a vehicle and needs to pay attention. So I honk and then point at the light, indicating that it's green. He returns my finger wag with one of his own. So I give him another finger wag and get another in return. I decided to up the ante and bust out both pointer fingers criss-crossing and doing a little finger wangle dance. We get to the next light and I realize there are some prime downtown spots open directly across from Moe's. Awesome, just wait through this light and I'm gonna get an excellent parking spot. But before that happens I see the driver-side door of the Tahoe open up.
"This oughtta be good," I think to myself.
"There's no need to be rude."
(WTF is this guy talking about?)"I'm sorry you thought it was rude but the light was green and you weren't moving."
"I did think it was rude and there's no need for it."
(This whole time I'm half-keeping one eye on the light since we are 100% blocking traffic. About this time the light goes green.)
"You're doing it again."
"There's no need to be rude."
At this time I luckily remembered my defensive driving and thankfully didn't pull up directly behind this guy so I have space where I can pull out and pass him, which I do because he initially started to walk away but came back sort of, so I just whip out in between him and his SUV and park about 20 feet away.

As I get out I see him drive past. So I was reflecting on that and quite frankly was shaking, adrenaline I suppose, but then thought "What was rude?" Wanting him to pay attention and keep traffic moving? Not giving him 15 seconds to dawdle at the light. Or did he mistake my pointer finger ballet for a middle finger mosh pit? My money is on the latter, but we'll never know now.

Just for reference this guy had at least one other person in the car, was dressed in khakis and a polo, white I think, and was in his late 40's, early 50's. Oh and he was white and had on sunglasses. So if on the off chance that that guy stumbles onto this blog, I just want to know what did I do that was so rude?


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