Thursday, March 23, 2006


If pigs could fly

Haven't posted much this week. I've been battling an illness that I think J brought home from school. Some minor aches and sniffles and hopefully it doesn't get worse. This is a great week to get work done. I don't have to attend classes or teach labs, which really just get in the way of quality research time. At least in class I learn something. Lab is about a 98% waste of my time.

So the hoods (the big box things that suck out all the noxious chemical fumes) are going down today at 4 pm. And they're turning off the power tomorrow at 7 am. So we're having to turn off all our reaction furnaces. But we kind of get a day off. However I will be going out to the research park and using their fluorometer since their power isn't going off until Friday.

J and I were planning on going camping this weekend, but since we're both a little sick, we probably won't. But we're still going to go hiking. Just no sleeping outside or cooking over a campfire.

My pre-oral is tentatively scheduled for April 18th at 1 pm. This is one of 3 or 4 major things that I have to do until people can officially address me as Dr. It's a pre-oral, final seminar, dissertation defense, and of course actually writing my dissertation. But once the writing starts, all research stops and all my time is devoted to writing. A previous student devoted about 4 hours/day to writing her dissertation and it was done in 2 months? I think that's right. So it's a huge job, but if you take it one page at a time, it should work out okay.

J was talking to her mom the other day and they were discussing what TV shows they watch. Basically none were the same. She watches ER, 24, Americal Idol, House, and some other stuff. Notice the medical dramas. J and I, on the other hand, watch a medical comedy that occasionally gets dramatic, Scrubs. We also watch the Office, My Name is Earl, and that's about it for primetime major network shows. We're super addicted to most of MTV's reality shows. The Gauntlet (can't wait for that season finale), Real World (constant drama and lots of skin), 8th & Ocean (models being models) and the occasional Made and True Life.

8th & Ocean is highly entertaining, but you have to understand models to like the show. Their careers are based, oh, 99.8% on their appearance. Maybe it's more like 97% because personality and attitude do play a factor but if you don't have the look, you ain't gonna make it. So when Sabrina, Kelly's twin, had an acne attack, that is a very serious thing. Her agency told her not to go to casting calls. She went anyway and made her agency look bad. So when the agency called her and told her point blank that her face exploded and she shouldn't go to any more castings until it cleared up, she broke down crying. Um, does she not get what modeling is about? They don't have "personality" cameras or "inner beauty" film, so your face what is solely important. I understand models place in this world and that's why I like this show so much. That and I have always secretly wanted to be fully immersed in the fashion industry, jet-setting off to Milan and Paris and back to NYC for Fashion Week. I suppose I still could, but I would have to be creative in using my chemistry PhD for the fashion industry.


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