Friday, March 17, 2006


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

You'll never get me lucky charms! Ah-cha-cha-cha-cha!

Enough with the fake Irish accent. I'm going to have to remind my self to
A) Not drink too much tonight
B) Don't talk in an Irish accent

I have things to do tomorrow and can't afford an all day hangover. And the Irish accent is just annoying.

I have 2 green shirts. One is from Old "Child Labor" Navy that is green, says "Ireland" and has a shamrock on it. The other is one that J bought for me a while back and is a green polo with stripes across the chest.

Since St. Paddy's is a more relaxed holiday than most (has something to do with green beer and leprechauns) so I decided to wear the polo to work and save my Ireland shirt for tonight.

A group of us are going to Greenville (Ruthie, you're more than welcome to join us, in fact I insist) because they rope off a section of road in between Connelly's (Irish pub) and some other restaurant across the street. And who doesn't love drinking outside? And to everyone who is still wearing coats and shoveling snow, the high today is in the low 70's so I'll enjoy a Guinness under the stars for you.

And some radio station (they all suck and play the same music) is having a Pub Crawl where you stumble from bar to bar enjoying drink specials, so we might get caught up in that. But what's more important than the boozing? The spirit, the well-being and well-wishing of your fellow man. I enjoy holidays like this because everyone has a drug induced positive outlook on life.

J read my post yesterday and still didn't help me find my deodorant. True I didn't ask her, but nevertheless, I had to burn some time this morning looking for it. I found it but I can't find the other stick that I bought during the ski trip because I forgot mine at home. Maybe the cats hid it.

Out of the 16 games yesterday in the NCAA tournament, I got 12 right, so I'm impressed because I know extremely little about college basketball. But I do enjoy getting caught up in March Madness. It's fun trying different theories for who's going to win games. I heard once that a guy's girlfriend picked by which mascot would win in a fight and did very well, so maybe it's better not knowing anything about men's college basketball.

One personal note, I went to undergrad at here and they are in the Ohio Valley Conference (don't know why, it's in Birmingham) and they were the No. 2 seed in the OVC championship. They lost to Murray State who is scheduled to play the UNC Tar Heels (Evil One Sid's FAVORITE team IN THE WHOLE WORLD!). It hurt knowing how close we were to getting our name into brackets around the country again. We've gone to the Tourney twice before, once we lost to Syracuse and once we lost to St. John's. We could've added a loss to UNC to that list. Maybe next year. And yes many "Uh, someone misspelled Stanford" jokes abounded.

J doesn't want to go out tonight. She says she's tired, but if enough people send her good-night-out vibes, I think we can convince her to join us.


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