Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Happy Spring Break!

So this week is Clemson's spring break, but being an indentured grad student, I stay here and do research. BUT they're turning off the power on Thursday at 4 pm, so all our work is going to stop. We can't do anything without power. I guess we could read but only if we already had the book or article. So I think J and I are going to go camping by the Chatooga river.

J competed in her first autocross on Sunday. She took a few laps during the last autocross and wanted to try actually entering. She did extremely well! Her best time was a 36.085 and my best was 32.434 and for her first autocross, that is outstanding. And she even got a trophy for her time. I received one too, however they are a tad hollow because we were the only people in our respective classes. I was in FSP (F class street prepared) and she was in FSPL (L for ladies). And for the feminists in the crowd, I too think it is sexist for the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) to have seperate classes for the sexes, but it's a good way for women to ease their way into competition. Most women who have been racing for 1+ years don't bother with the L division and just race in the regular classes.

So resuls can be found here
and I'll recap some notables.

The 2005 Lotus Elise in gorgeous yellow came in with a 34.617. Colin Chapman is rolling over in his grave. This car should've been into the 31s at the very least. And the guy who owned it had such a hard time getting in and out that he just sat in it while waiting for his turn to go, which were about 10 minutes in between runs.

I was 40th out of 160 in raw time. J was 110 out of 160 in raw time.
I jumped up to 34 out of 160 in PAX times (SCCA's way of making all the classes "even" but I feel it's stupid.)
And J stays at 110 out of 160 in PAX.

I could've gone faster. The Focus is getting more sorted out, despite the growing noises, and I think the only next thing I need to do is get some camber plates for the front of the car. I'm tearing up the edges of my street tires very quickly so I think I can afford a bit more negative camber up front.


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