Thursday, March 16, 2006


All Paddy's Eve

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. You should have known this, but if you didn't, I'm letting you know. And be sure and wear something green. If not, assholes everywhere have a free pass to pinch and generally mock you relentlessly.

Our PreVet neighbor said it looked like Tiger was HBC, or hit by a car. It's sad that it happened and that pets get hit so often that it has its own acronym. Tiger wasn't especially afriad of cars and occasionally on a warm sunny day he would be laying in the middle of the parking lot sunning himself, so I would have to drive around him because he wouldn't move. So some ass hit Tiger, and he stumbled over to in front of our car and ceased to be. He was gone by the time we got home and so far we don't know what happend to Tiger's vessel.

But some other neighbors either found or had kittens, and one is an orange striped version and Tiger's owner said she might be interested. (cue Elton John's "Circle of Life")

I don't have any deodorant on right now. Either J or the cats did something with my 2 sticks of deodorant by the sink and I didn't have time to really do a "hard target search" (if you get that movie quote, you seriously have my respect). So I'm stinky. But knowing that I occasionally forget to brush my teeth or forget deodorant (if I'm really in a hurry) I have a secret stash of personal hygiene products in my desk. A sample of Axe deodorant, an old toothbrush and some toothpaste. That's all guys really need. Some might have cologne or body spray but those are too strong in my taste. I'll occasionally use cologne but resist the urge to take a cologne shower, because those people stink.

I smell pretty good most of the time. I don't smell like anything, maybe soap, but I do smell clean. Currently my fingers smell like the grapefruit I had for lunch.

And J, the meat loaf we made yesterday was pretty good. Excellent work without a recipe! I had the meat loaf in sandwich form for lunch, for any inquiring minds.


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