Friday, May 20, 2005


You're the best a-round!

That's right. Karate Kid theme music!

For some reason, Strawberry Shortcake popped into my head. Or more specifically, the villain, The Purple Pieman. He would always "rat-ta-ta-tat" or some other rythmic nonsense. Yes I had to google that name and the first website is the New or Crappy Strawberry Shortcake. No villains, only happy ponies and other dessert related friends. But I did like Strawberry Shortcake and her adventures. But I can only remember the one where she moves to the Big Apple.

One of my favorites was MASK.

Basically it was these guys who had masks that did cool stuff and really cool vehicles. Like a motorcycle that turns into a helicopter.

I also watched Leon and Julio play with a plastic bag in the kitchen. No I'm not worried about them choking on it. But they would let it sit in the middle of the floor and then run and jump into it and it would slide a few feet. They'd get off and do it again. Very cute.

Then I started thinking that I would make a very bad white supremacist. For starters, I'm not really racist. I also am currently engaged, pun intended, in an interracial relationship, diluting my race of course. And happy to speed up the process of humans becoming one giant ethnic group composed of all races, if we decide to have kids of course. I also have a pet named Julio. Not a very Aryan name. I also like to travel. I can't really picture any "white lovers", not that I'm a white hater, traveling much. They might go to Germany or England, but definitely not to Japan or Argentina or Costa Rica. Not enough white people in those places. And I don't think a minority coming up to a majority and saying, "Hi! You're inferior to me!" would go over very well at all.

And look! Saddam in his skivvies!

Yowza! I feel a dictators and tyrants calendar coming on.


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