Friday, May 06, 2005


Tercel's back baby!

Almost, she's fixed. We just have to pick her up from the shop at noon. And I'm getting new street tires next week, so my current street tires get promoted (or demoted considering your viewpoint) to race tires. There are 5 autocrosses planned for this summer and I'm planning on being at each one. Hopefully.

We had some friends over for Cinco de Mayo and I made taco fixings and we made soft tacos and burritos. Delicious and Corona with lime and Beck's Dark because Sm couldn't find Dos X Amber. Good food, good beer and video games. Yup, we played Tetris Worlds for Xbox and had a great time. There are a few variations of tetris to play and they're very enjoyable but the stragety is different. Some you're trying to clear the bottom row but it's blocked by random blocks that you have to clear. So it isn't about points, you're just trying to clear stuff. And as I'm a tetris getting tetris player, it was hard for me to not try and get tetrises. And then they left and Joan and I played after we got back from another friend's house and she destroyed me. Don't know if it's because I was anti-sober but she was tetrising circles around me.

But we figured out that it's because it's a simple game. A directional pad and one button, that's what tetris is and that's why she's good at it. She enjoys watching Halo 2 and playing it as well, but there are too many buttons and too much happening on the screen for her.

And I'm going to Drift Atlanta this weekend, today and tomorrow. It's going to be amazing. I'll have pics and video and hopefully I'll get to share them.

And if anyone in ATL is going to be there, send your cell number to my email address and we'll meet up. Tickets are $25 for 2 days and parking is $5.


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