Thursday, May 05, 2005


Shake your ass, but watch yourself!

Towed poor little Tercel to the shop this morning. So hopefully she'll be better by next week.

Crap. I need a personal assistant. Or robot. I keep having these great ideas (or ideas) that pop into my head for posts and then 20 minutes later, bupkis. But if my robot would just take my inane mental chatter and write it down, then everyone would have intriguing posts from Seth and his robot to read, but nope. Roboticists everywhere are sitting on their butts working on robots that build cars and dance. Work faster! The technological boom is going to start dying off if we don't have robots to do menial tasks for us so that we have more time to think and create. And for those who don't think or create, they can either start or get banished to the ice mines of Siberia.

Oooh, one came back. We're getting two kittens in the next month or so. They're orange tabby/siamese cats, so they're gonna have some attitude. I've never had a siamese but the ones I've met have been full of personality.

But we need names. I was brainstorming in the shower and came up with a few:
Onyx (but only for a black cat, feel free to use that one)
Snowball 8 or 9 (homage to the Simpson's cat)
Five or Seven (but I won't use that if that is going to be Baby Lo's name)
Henry 2 (after Henry the 1st, Hamster extraordinaire)
Clio (after my sold Saturn, who I miss terribly)
Cleo (after that crazy Jamaican psychic lady who apparently ran out of money)
Snuggles (hehehe, not really but Rage and Snuggles would be a great mix)

Please leave any good ones you think of, or pick from my list.

And any Texan who likes the asstacular antics of their local high school cheerleaders, you might wanna read this and contact your state senators.
Texas House to cheerleaders: Don't shake it


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