Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Our lab is flooding

We have called maintanence roughly 4 times and each time they come over and tell us that they don't see the problem. The problem is a sink in the next lab is broken and leaks into our lab. The problem isn't in here. It's over there.

Bleh, I sold my car to a "local" guy. He had $200 cash and said he would pay $100/week until he paid off the total amount of $600. Well, he's still $250 short and I haven't heard from him since last Wed.

So I'm going to give him a call today, at his mom's house of course and no he doesn't have a cell phone, and tell him that he either needs to come up with the money or give the car back in exchange for either $300 or $250, depending on how generous I'm feeling. A bank would charge for missing payments and general hardship and so will I.

But a little part of me wants him to be difficult, just so I can go play Repo Man. I still have a key to it and I know where he works. So he needs to come up with some money or he can start walking to work or looking for rides elsewhere cuz this gravy train is leaving the station and I'm taking Clio with me.

Joan, of course after the fact, tells me that she can't believe that I sold it to that guy. I'm a sucker. I give people the benefit of the doubt. But that's why I need Joan to keep me attentive. I don't know why I'm so trusting of people. I think because here it is so easy to find people. We have reverse phone directories and people are so sedentary that they're not going to relocate for any amount of money, let alone to avoid paying $250.

So I'm confident this will have a happy ending and I might even get to repo something.


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