Monday, May 02, 2005


Mother Nature is a maaad scientist!

Nice pleasant relaxing weekend. With the dull nagging pain of exams to come.

Grilled some dogs and veggies with the neighbors. They borrowed a mixing bowl and flour and made cookies. Who am I to deny the world cookies? All very good.

Saturday, Joan didn't work for the first time in a while and she sat around and slept and watched TV and I went to work for a few hours to work on my exam.

Saturday also bought a grill and some citronella torches off a moving neighbor for a song. And then Sunday, I decided to give it a whirl. So went to Bi-Lo, and not the Evil Empire that is Wal-Mart, got some burger fixins and charcoal. Fired it up, mixed the meat with a ranch seasoning packet, and made my first burgers ever by my self. And they were damn good. Damn good. Also grilled some hot dogs and veggies. All delicious.

I just have to make it through my take home exam and then it's clear sailing all the way to August. Except for research everyday, but that is enjoyable. If I didn't find it interesting, I would've dropped out about 2 years ago. Not sure what I would've done, but there is a whole world of options. Maybe I would go to mechanic school.

But I was sitting around with my neighbor, an undergrad horticulturalist, and a friend who was a wanna be PhD horticulturalist. I could understand the words but had no clue as to what they were talking about. Me being a Black Thumb member has shielded me from the world of plants. Before grilling out, we went to Bi-Lo, but they didn't have the 24 pack of Nathan's hot dogs that J, neighbor, so desperately wanted. So we bought most of the items we needed and headed down to Wal-Mart. As we were walking in, they had some plants out front for sale. He walked by and pointed at each one and said, "Too much light, pH too low, not enough water, too much nitrogen," etc... I suppose I could tell a difference but I don't really know what a healthy plant looks like, so I can't compare. I've also never had any hort classes ever and have no clue about anything like that. Besides aloe vera is pointy and soothing.

So basically I'm glad that people are different and go to school to learn about different topics because without them, those plants would be on their own.

I occasionally conclude writings well, but rarely.


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