Monday, May 23, 2005



Got to do some cone racing this weekend. Awesome, awesome time. And since it's the summer there were not alot of competitors so there were lots of runs. 6 total. And my Protege friend had his excellent in-car camera mount up and ready. It is basically just some lab clamps and an aluminum lab pole thing. It worked great. It was a little tricky getting your hand up behind it to turn it on and start recording but after that it got great footage and wasn't shaky. Hopefully either I or he will get those videos up online so that everyone can experience me dodging cones. And you'll get to see my inadvertant smokey tire finish. I was hitting 50 mph consistently through the finish line. In a parking lot. And they wanted to let us run a little on the main drag around Clemson. We quickly said no to that idea. Some of the cars that race with us could easily hit triple digit speeds if we put them on that road. And without sufficient runoff, that is not a good idea.

The results are here. And please notice that Focus did very well for herself. 14 out of 36, and she was only beat by 9 other cars. Of course that Super Miata is as close to a race car as you can make a miata, so that's why it's 3 seconds ahead of the closest competitor. And I would've beat Andrew, my friend, in his Protege with a 54.87 but I hit a cone on that run. We'll get him next time.

Oh yeah update: If you look at the autocross results, go down to the 31st car and you'll find this car

A Volkswagen Rabbit. Awesome car and fun for the 80's. And it's a VW so if it breaks there are roughly one billion cars that can donate parts for it.
Then if you go down to the 32nd car, you'll find this car

A Nissan 350Z. Very capable car and oh so pretty.

So in conclusion:
31 Will Rabbit H 62.78 sec.
32 Chris 350Z D 63.13 sec.

Ouch. Uh 350 guy? You can go a little faster.

And for all the ladies out there:
34 Rachael Civic H 65.87
She got the most improved driver of the day award. She went from a 104 second run down to 65 seconds. Damn, I wish I could shave 40 seconds off my time.

And for any ladies in the area who want to come out and race, please do. I'm sure we can find something for you to drive. Maybe Focus?

The undergrad research student that I'm in charge of this summer is supposed to get here today, but I haven't seen her yet. The word on the street is she's a workaholic, so hopefully our working styles won't outrageously clash. And maybe I'll learn something from her and maybe I'll get her to calm down. I'll keeps ya posted.

I don't like explaining my titles right below them, but this is the fictional name that Matt Dillon makes up as his Nepalese name from the movie There's Something About Mary.


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