Thursday, May 19, 2005


I'm not surfing today

I'm not going web surfing because I know someone out there has posted what happens in Episode III and I don't want to know. Sure everyone "knows" what happens but how it happens and if they show the sex scene, that's what we all want to know.

I didn't go to a midnight showing of it, mostly because I wanted to be in bed before 3 am, but I'm going today at 11 am. The radio told me this morning that an estimated 627 million dollars worth of wages will be lost by people skipping work and going to see the new Star Wars. Count me in, of course my hourly wage doesn't add up to much of a chunk of that 627 mill but every little bit counts.

Joan has no real interest in going to see the movie. She said that she'll just wait until they come out on DVD, which I am going to buy despite what George decides to charge. In fact, I still haven't seen 4, 5 or 6 on DVD because I haven't borrowed them and I'm waiting until they all come out to buy them.

I had a Sinead O'Connor moment a few weeks ago. I purchased a charcoal grill from a neighbor who was moving and didn't want it. Sweet deal and it came with nice grill tools. But I was getting the charcoal ready and needed some newspaper to get the flames going. So I went inside, asked Joan if she wanted to keep this copy of the Anderson Independent and went outside and proceeded to play with fire.

However, this just happened to be the issue when the new pope was announced. So as I tore into the picture of the pope, I of course thought about poor Sinead and the repurcussions of an action very similar to mine. Me - no consequences, Her - Sinead who?


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