Tuesday, May 10, 2005


I wonder if he tap dances?

Jesus wants a WV drivers license

Weird. I'm not offended by that guy being named Jesus Christ. But his middle initial must be H. or he's a fraud. Jesus Q. Christ, no way.

Joan and I picked up our kittens yesterday, and let me tell you, they're almost too cute. Both tabby/siamese mix, and one is orange with white stripes and the other is grey and black and apparently he is a true bengal, whatever that means. But they both have blue eyes, very light blue, and I will get pictures up tomorrow. No names yet. Maybe Pumpkin for the orange one, but Joan didn't like the nicknames for that. Pumpy. Umpy. Umpkin. But we'll come up with some good ones.

Called the grandmothers yesterday for a late Happy Mother's Day and it's always good to hear their voices and for them to hear mine. It's hard being so far away. Yes I did live in a different country for 7 years, but I still saw them pretty regularly and they were all younger then too. Not saying any of them are in bad health, but death and taxes.

So Grandma is doing good, one son and granddaughter visited her for Mother's Day. She said she wanted to see me. Um, beats me when I'll be able to. I was thinking maybe stop by on the way home from Birmingham, but I don't go there much either.

Just got an email from the boss. He walked in and busted me playing computer games. Doh. Now I feel like shit. But a kick in the pants is good every once in a while.

But I told my other grandparents that I would come to Birmingham this weekend to see my brother before he sets off on his mission trip to Niger this summer.

More about all that stuff later. Off to be a good grad student.


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