Monday, May 09, 2005


I love the smell of burnt rubber in the evening

So Drift Atlanta was sick. Vipers, a GTO, Nissan 240sxs, RX-7s, a BMW 325, even a freaking El Camino. Everyone's car bone was tickled this weekend.

Kumho came out with their red smoke tire which really impressed the crowd and judges. Still not sure how hard it can be to do that and also have different colors, but then I'm not a tire chemist or rubber chemist so I don't really know.

It wasn't real hot fortunately. Saturday we got there around 9:30 am and didn't leave till about 10:15 pm. Super glad I wasn't driving cuz I was nodding off the entire way back to Clemson.

Took about 70 minutes of video footage. So I guess I get to play with a video editor of some sort, if I don't already have one. There might be one in the software package that came with my digicam but I need to check on that. And I should have that video up, probably compressed in one way or another, within the week.

Smoove D sent me an email. But I didn't get it until today. Friday we got home at 11 pm and then I left at 8:30, and didn't check my email in those 9 hours, so sorry I missed you Smoove. I'll catch you at the next car related shindig. (Wow, I have never seen that word before, it looks really strange.) So I missed meeting my first blogger, but I'll catch him again.

The undergrads have all gone home and now the campus is almost empty except for faculty and grad students. And it's nice. No traffic, tons of parking, but no people walking by your window to distract you.


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