Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Howling monkeys

This post was inspired by a conversation with Joan inspired by another post by Kate the Peon who is currently on vacation in Costa Rica, making everyone who hears about that jealous. And of course extremely excited for our little world traveler.

Okay, this was inspired by two conversations. I was talking with some fellow group members about what graduated group members are doing. A, who just graduated and is looking for a job in the ATL, mentioned to J that GE in Shanghai was hiring. J is Chinese, so this would put her much closer to home. To which I said, wow that would be awesome. Go to Shanghai, learn some Chinese, make some cash money, and move after 3 years or so. Sounds pretty good, but now that I've seen the Cost of Living index

I now know that the salary would have to be very high for me to make any money. But that isn't the point. The point is life experience.

It would be utterly amazing to live in China for a few years. I know I couldn't bad mouth the government, I love Communism! (in case they're watching), and it would be one hell of a case of culture shock, but it would be worth it. But I'm also not dead set on China, or anywhere really.

But I brought this up with Joan, and we finally came to the core issue for her. Hygiene. She hates smelly people. She is not a personal hygiene freak but she expects everyone to at least brush their teeth and shower daily. Or at least smell like they do. And she doesn't really want to live anywhere they don't speak english. I fancy myself a linguist (cunning, some might say) and try to have an ear for how languages sound when spoken by native speakers. Whether I do this well or not is left to be seen, but at least I try and I think that's all anyone wants.

I still get frustrated with languages. They're fucking hard and those are the ones with the Roman alphabet. I've never attempted to learn any Asian language, so that would be interesting. I just need to learn a few basic phrases, words, and numbers, and I'll be ok.

I have no strong need to live in this country. The rest of the world is pretty cool and I would like to experience it as much as possible. And I would really prefer to live there. And I need to do that now when I don't have a house, or dogs, or kids to have to worry about. I still plan to travel with my kids, if they exist, and hope that they will get the chance to experience and delve into far away lands.

And if anyone is interested in cost of living comparisons, go to this google page and the first one is for national cost of living and salary calculator and the second is the worldwide cost of living index.

Diviertate Kate! Y espero que te gustas Costa Rica igual que yo.

(I'm a little rusty, but I think that says, Have fun Kate and I hope you like Costa Rica as much as I did.)


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