Wednesday, May 11, 2005



Everyone has a love/hate relationship with the Dept. of Transportation and the DMV. We love them for letting us drive cars and fixing roads and we hate the hoops we have to jump through to do so.

The radio was on in lab yesterday and I once again heard a commercial encouraging truck owners to buckle up, paid for by the DOT and you and me.

I would rather you fix roads and work on reducing traffic than reminding some dude in a truck to buckle up. He knows he should buckle up; the little guy on his dashboard reminds him that he should buckle up. Yet he refuses to do so and dies in an accident. If only the DOT had spent millions more to have commercials everywhere reminding people to buckle up! Or they could hire a bunch of kids to wait in people's car and gently remind them to buckle up before they leave. Get those damn kids to work. It's the summer, they don't have anything better to do. (Yes I'm kidding, kids should stay kids until junior year of college)

So why is the DOT spending money to remind these people to buckle up? Shouldn't that be THEIR responsibility? I know this is 21st century America and no one wants to be responsible for anything, but dammit, that just isn't possible.

So now no one is reminding Jimbo that he needs to buckle up. He gets in an accident but doesn't die. Phew, oh wait, he didn't have enough medical insurance coverage with his car insurance, or didn't have car insurance at all. So now he's a drain on the medical system. Then he better get to washing bed pans and work off that new bionic leg of his.

I started downloading pictures this morning, but forgot that I had about 4 or 5 trips worth of pictures on my new 512 MB compactflash card, so it was about halfway done when I left. But after I go get a haircut and clean the bathroom floors, it'll be the first thing I do.


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