Monday, April 11, 2005



My pinky is healing nicely. Now just have to wait on the nail to regrow, so I'm guessing 2-4 weeks on that. Joan's condition has cleared up and we used a bright yellow Lifestyle condom that we got free from the health dept. We now have assorted colors and could match my mood if I so wanted. I was not feeling yellow last night but I suppose my penis was.

Joan censored me in the post below. I suppose she didn't want her personal bizness for the world to see. I tried to tell her that Regan had already covered that subject, including yogurt, but she didn't seem to care. So I got censored but at least there is no fine.

Sold my baby yesterday. Clio is no longer with us. I sold her to some guy who lives in Williamston, which is near Anderson. He paid me $200 and then will pay installments of $100 for 4 weeks beginning next week. I kept the title but forgot to write down his driver's license number or address. Whoops, hope that doesn't bite me in the ass. I still have the title, so that's a plus. And technically, it's still on my insurance, but I'm gonna call about that in a second. But I miss her already.

Saw Sin City last night. Good and I liked the color/black and white deal. Very cool and who doesn't like prostitute ninjas? There could've been a little more character developement but that's hard when you're telling 3 stories in one movie. But I think they got the idea that the main guys were good across fairly well. And holy schnikes Jessica Alba was smokin in that movie. All of them were, except for the daughter on Gilmore Girls. She was hot but she was a traitor, and no amount of hotness will counteract that. Also really wanted a cigarette while watching the movie, but that's just cuz everyone in the movie was smoking and I'm young and impressionable that way.

Ah yes. Rode the CATbus to school this morning, not out of choice, but of necessity. Tercel broke down last week and I tried to fix her to no avail, so we're bringing in the professionals. But we have to get Tercel towed back up here. Currently we have Cingular roadside and Joan has AAA. Yes we're going to cancel one, but right now we actually might need both. It's about 19 miles from Tercel and Publix to the shop in Clemson, technically Pendleton, and Cingular covers $50, however far that'll get you. So we might have to double up on towing, which sucks because in my experience, tow truck drivers are not the fastest people in the world.

Maybe I should've introed with the bus and movie thing, then moved into penis talk, but I think the penis stuff grabs the attention.


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