Tuesday, April 05, 2005



Played golf yesterday. Gorgeous day. Came in last in our division by 8 strokes but we still shot a 78 and par is 72, so not bad for a bunch of drunk grad students. And thankfully we had two women in our foursome because those red tees saved our ass a few times. But had a couple good drives, one good chip that was about an inch from going in the hole, and a few good putts. So I think I held up my quarter of the team. And the post golf cookout was delicious and I won a matted print of the 17th hole, the Tiger Paw Hole, so that was an awesome door prize. And all that for only $25. Can't beat a deal like that.

And yes, I did get a nice farmer tan. My forearms are nice and red and my biceps are freckly and white. I did remember sunscreen so my face and neck didn't get too much sun. Skin cancer is actually a real fear for me. My dad had some cut off his forehead and I've had quite a few burns while I was younger and I have freckles and blue eyes. All anti-points for not getting skin cancer. Yes I like double negatives. So I always try and put sunscreen on my face, ears and neck. And if I'm laying out, I add forearms to that to negate the farmer tan, and tops of the feet and behind the knees cuz those hurt like a madman if they're burned. And then after a couple hours, I cover the rest of my exposed body.

I'm converting to Catholicism because Joan wants to get married in a Catholic church, and I don't care. Theoretically as long as I'm still "Christian" I don't think my family will care too much. But they are Southern Baptist so I might be giving them too much credit.

If I was not protestant or catholic, I'm fairly certain I would be a Buddhist. They live in harmony with nature and respect all living things. And who doesn't want to rub the Buddha's belly?


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