Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Soylent Green is people!

It was an even day yesterday in the way of carma karma.

Put the new suspension on the Focus, which is amazing and would recommend to anyway who hates the way their car rolls in turns. And all with only a couple snags.

Tercel died again. Luckily Joan was in town and it wasn't a big deal and a nice guy, who was kinda cute according to Joan, helped her push Tercel through the stoplight and into a parking spot where I passed her this morning on the CATbus. But we did a little research and figured that it was a failing fuel pump that would pose the symptoms that we were experiencing. So we're gonna call around and hopefully get that fixed this weekend. Poor Tercel.

And Wilkommen Neue Popenspiele! Welcome to the new Pope Benedict the 16th or XVI for all the Romans. Joseph Ratzinger is the new German pope. Let's hope he doesn't have any WWII flashbacks while in office.


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