Monday, April 18, 2005


Shower scene

This'll be fast. I need to go weld my tubes close and then get them under 580 degree Celsius and 20,000 PSI.

I was watching The L Word last night on the Showtime. There was a scene where 2 characters, both women and lesbians coincedentally, were taking a shower together. One hops out and uses the restroom. The shot is from below the knee as to not upset people. Then the other hops out and sits on top of the other girl and also uses the restroom. Sex ensues as does the show.

But do people really do this? Jump out of the shower to use the restroom? I'm sure this discussion has circulated before, maybe even here, but it's time for a rehashing. And speaking of hash, the magical day of 4/20 is almost upon us, and in a twist of irony, it's dry, for me at least. But there are others who will carry on the tradition of this underground holiday.

The pipes in your household presumably go to your cistern or out to the sewage pipes and then mix with your neighbors what not and goes to the sewage treatment plant that is behind my house. Personally I believe in the power of dilution. Urine is mostly water anyway, so add to it the 40 gallons that come out of your showerhead, and there is not much urea left compared to water. Yes, some stuff can still kill or cause disease in quantities that small, but not pee. People even drink pee. Luckily I don't know any of those people and don't have to smell their, I can only imagine, horrible breath.

So please help me. Why do people not pee in the shower? Not public cuz I don't want to stand in your pee either, but your at home shower that you clean once a month?


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