Thursday, April 14, 2005



I was debating whether to title this Jupiter part 2, but decided to finish out the series instead. The nine planets, not in order.

Yesterday there was a vendor fair on campus. It was VWR's. Don't know what that stands for but they're a huge company that sells lab supplies and chemicals to anyone who needs them, so me and Regan and any other scientists out there. They also provided lunch and what a spread it was. Cole slaw, potato salad, bread, cheese, coldcuts, fried chicken, donuts, danishes, brownies (brown and blonde) and it was all very very good. And they had lots of chicken left over so I grabbed a plate for Joan on my way out. No door prizes but left feeling full and good about the Chemistry Departments relationship with VWR.

Today was another vendor fair. This time put on by Fisher Scientific. Another lab supply and chemical company. "Lunch" was also provided. And you the astute reader, surely notices the air quotes around lunch. They were barely finger foods. Whatever it was, it was put on the table at 11:30 am. I got there about 11:50 am and by that time there were no crackers for the dip left. All the 7 layer dip and tortilla chips were gone. About 1/8 of a large bowl of Chex mix and several trays of those stupid tiny sandwiches that are served at stuffy meetings and wedding receptions. So I ate about 12 of the tuna/chicken salad ones and 2 of the pimento cheese ones, just to remind myself that I do in fact, hate pimento cheese. I like cheese, love it really, but those pickled peppers or whatever they are, make it too crazy for my taste buds.

Whoa, stream of conciousness, I read an article on a new type of taste bud discovered in 1907 by Professor Kikunae Ikeda
The new taste bud is called umami and is found in foods like


Just thought I'd share. So there are now 5 official senses and taste zones. And VWR luncheons are much better than Fisher's.

And check out how much bank this guy made from selling his property in the Everglades to the man.
He paid $60 grand for it in 1976 and sold it for $4.95 million. I just hope he can find another refuge for his simple life. And that is an increase of 8,250% if I did my math right. That is a nice return.


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