Thursday, April 07, 2005



I ripped off about 1/8th of my right pinky nail last night while working on Joan's car, the '92 Toyota Tercel. But I did get the fuel filter in yet that did not solve the problem. It still sounds like it isn't getting any gas. So I'll be going back there tomorrow after work to work on it some more. I'll check the fuel pump to see if it's working and then I have no idea what to do.

Not sure if I've mentioned it before but about 3 years ago, Joan's father decided it would be a good idea to give Joan a present. She was asking for a new car and instead of buy her one, he invested some money into Tercel. This came in the form of a $1400 sound system and car alarm. The sound system is nice and enjoy it very much so, even if they did use too large of speakers in the door and you can't roll the window down all the way. But it's the fucking car alarm that I have the issues with.

First of all, it talks. Viper is armed. This vehicle is protected by Viper, please step away. And of course it's very loud and unexpected coming from the POS that Tercel is even though I love her. And he apparently paid an additional $75 so that it would talk. Whatever. We have had nothing but problems with that stupid thing. First it would stay off like it should. Then it would turn on without us doing anything and yelling Viper at anyone getting near it. Then as I was working on it last night, I hooked up the battery and the alarm went off and would not stop. So I yanked off the wires connecting the speakers for the voice and alarm and that's when I destroyed my nail.

This is also not the first time that nail has taken a beating. Ages ago when we lived in our house on Mountaindale Rd in Birmingham, hence the hooker/drag queen name Trixie Mountaindale, I was standing at the back door. It was open as my brother was going outside. We were both standing, talking with our parents and then he closed the door. I don't remember it being very hard, but for some reason, I had my pinky sitting on the door jamb and my pinky got pinched. Ouch. Another time, also my brother I think, my pinky got slammed in a car door and that's when it turned blue and basically died. Went to the hospital and they said that it would eventually come off and grow back. Gross, but okay. So a few weeks go by and that nail is still hanging on and the skin underneath is basically healed. We go to Aladin's Castle, video arcade and not sure if they still exist, and I'm playing skee ball cuz skee ball's awesome and I was collecting tickets so I could get some worthless crap. But I loved skee ball, just like God in Dogma. So I'm reaching in for a ball and go to pull my hand out when RIP, my fingernail comes off except for a small dangly piece of flesh. But my finger is already healed so it doens't hurt and actually I'm relieved because I have no more black and purple pinky nail and my new pink one can grow in.

These are the tails of woe for my poor right pinky.


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