Wednesday, April 06, 2005



Gotta present in group meeting this afternoon, so I'll be working on that all day.

Someone nominated me for president of the Chemistry Graduate Student Organization. Not sure if I want it. We're a rather informal group anyway and I have just as much input on things that we do as secretary, so I'm not sure the bump up to president would be worth the extra work. If there is any extra. Suppose I need to chat with the current president. Personally vice-president sounded pretty good, but we'll see. I have until April 14th to make my final decision.

And I was also named chairman of the health insurance committee, but now we're down to about 3 people over the summer, 2 actually if I recall. And then we're at 3 or 4 for next semester. And next semester is when everyone finds out that they now have to pay for health insurance. Yes we are getting a stipend, but it still leaves about $700 that we have to pay. We just need to get on the ball about distributing that information so that I'm not lynched next fall.


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