Monday, April 25, 2005


Mmmmmm, I like 1st

We had an autocross Sat. and Sun. but I only drove on Sat. cuz I don't really have any tires that I can race on. For Sat. it was 2 mismatched tires up front, 16s, and my "street" tires, 15s, in the back. For my front wheel drivin Focus, the front tires get eaten up and didn't want to wear down my street tires any faster than I already do. And my new suspension was AMAZING! It was so nice not to have crazy body roll going into turns. And with the adjustable shocks, it's soft enough for everyday driving and then can be hard enough for some autocrossing/hard driving. So I'm 100% pleased with them. Now I just need some tires. Both street and racing.

I won my class by over 3 seconds, which is alot in the racing world. Here is a linko to the results. RESULTS! please notice the name Marc Osgood. He's nasty and his Civic is nasty. He is by far the fastest guy in our club. As proof, note his time in 6th in the CC1 car. (that stands for Club Car 1 which is an old Mazda RX-7 with a nice suspension and race tires. He is almost 2 seconds faster than the next fastest person in that car. Holy shit. But I won class G, which is cool, and might get a season trophy for G but I doubt it. I didn't go to any of the autocrosses the first semester, so that's probably out. But watch out for next year. I'm gonna move up a class once I get my race tires and a couple other things done to Focus, and then will dominate that class, just like Andy (Andrew on the results page) in his Protege.

But in all fairness I must tell you that he's usually the only person in F, so my domination should be easy since he's leaving it once he gets his turbo on that thing. That's gonna be one fast Protege.

Rode the bus to school this morning and noticed a reward for a lost Shih Tzu. $500 reward. So I'm thinking about becoming Seth Ventura: Pet Detective. Hmmm, that doesn't sound too bad. Seth Ventura. I think it's the t's and the e's.

Almost missed the bus too. Making my lunch sandwiches took a little longer than I planned. And pretzels. And some water. And the Kite Runner. And that's my lunch. Care to join me? Just keep it down.

And in honor of Smoove's new RSX Type S, some pictures:
Mmmmm, Greddy Turbo Kit
Got rice?
Realtime Racing RSX, wicked awesome


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