Friday, April 08, 2005



Going to work on the Tercel again tonight and hopefully I can keep the rest of my fingernails intact.

I went with Joan to the County Health Dept. yesterday. She was getting a check-up and a subscription for birth control. Turns out she also has some [censored by Joan] and was prescribed some antibiotics also. But they gave her a card that lets her get BC for free for 2 years! Awesome. Screw private doctors, public health is where it's at. And the drugs and doctor's fee came to $16. We don't need no stinking health insurance. But I suppose if we ever do actually get hurt, then we will. But the wheels are in motion to require all university supported grad students to buy health insurance. I'm just hoping I don't get lynched next semester. And I hope that Redfern and the grad school do a wonderful job of releasing the information that we will have to buy it and that's it's a good thing that we have to. I'm so glad that I'm chairman of the health insurance committe so my name will go on documents and irate grad students will contact me. But hopefully my name won't get out. But it probably will. We'll deal with that once we get there.

Our apartment is rarely clean, and I mean spotless company clean. We clean and then 20 minutes later, crap everywhere. Don't know how it happens. Then I stopped by a friend's house yesterday, he and his roommate used to be my roommates when we rented that house, and their apartment was immaculate. It was scary. I mean hospital sterile. I would've gladly eaten off the kitchen floor. I know that they're both mild clean freaks, so I should've expected it, but this was amazing. I wonder how they do it. Do they leave papers at work? What do they do with their mail? Read it then throw it away? File it? But I think I have narrowed down the problem. I see the entire apartment as my room. When I was a kid, we could mess up our rooms and generally keep them messy. But the living room and dining room, no way, you cleaned stuff up immediately. Occasionally a glass was left or maybe a plate, but when they were found, we had to go pick them up and put them in the kitchen NOW!

So maybe that's what I have to do to keep our living room clean. Think of it as a clean room and the mess stays in the bedroom. Just a theory.


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