Tuesday, April 26, 2005



Rode the bus this morning. Mostly because Tercel is still broken and I didn't work on her any yesterday. I know, me slacking, shocking.

But I plan on doing it today. I couldn't get the fuel hoses off the pump cover, so I sprayed some WD-40 and hopefully that loosened them up enough. If I can't get those off, then to the shop she goes. I should go ahead and schedule an appointment actually since I know that this probably is not going to work.

I need tires. Okay, I want tires. The ones now are okay, but I want newer, nicer tires.

And a helper monkey. Named MoJo.

I need to download my pictures also. I have stuff on there from a while ago. And I haven't posted any pictures in ages. Or played Halo 2 online. Where the hell is my time going?


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