Monday, April 18, 2005


I'm gonna vomit

So, I emailed my House Representative last week, asking that he vote NO for the Death Tax Repeal Permanancy Act. I get an email today from MegaVote from and it informs me that Rep. J. Gresham Barrett voted YES on that bill.

Sure and now I know why Joan hates politics. Because they only look out for Numero Uno. They don't care what I think. They don't care how I would vote on something. At all. Not one little bit.

Here is a breif synopsis of what this Act would mean. Basically, any estate of over 1.5 million dollars is now exempt from any extra taxation. Phew, my cool 1.5 mil is safe for when I die. And here is a happy article from the National Foundation of Independent Business for the flip side of the issue. Capitalism Rulz!

Motherfuckers. I hope they choke on those greenbacks.

And here from (gonna link that in the sidebar) is the report card for Congressman from South Carolina. Mine is Barrett unfortunately. F is good right?


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