Friday, April 22, 2005


Happy Earth Day!

I hope that everyone does something eco-friendly today. Because if you do it today, it washes away all the bad eco-shenanigans that you did for the rest of the year.

Right? Or if not, then that's what we could make it. Occasionally Clemson has a "waste amnesty day" where you can turn in all your waste and not get charged for it. So of course everyone waits for those days to turn in all their crap. In fact, we have about 4 boxes of chemicals that are either worthless or we don't use anymore. So I'm hoping we have a waste day coming up pretty soon. I'm tired of seeing it sitting here.

Talking about chemical waste on Earth Day. At least we haven't poured it down the sink. But maybe it would create an actual Blinky? Sounds like a job for a geneticist, or a mad scientist.

I also wrote a page essay for Joan about why she wants to be a teacher. It's not bad for 20 minutes of work. Not sure if I should post it up here, but if you want, leave your email in the comments section and I'll email it to you. Or email me (it's in my profile) and I'll then I'll give it to you.


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