Thursday, April 28, 2005


Election Day, April 28th

Today at noon is the closing of election day for the officers of the (sensored for internet searches) My field of science graduate student org. But I'm running for president of this org and I'm fairly confident in a victory. I just need to see who the other officers are going to be. Two friends of mine are running against each other for VP, so either way is cool, but I do know who I want to win and I hope she does. But I have a few ideas up my sleeve and should be fun for everyone. Just need to see how much money we have in the bank account.

Our org is really unique in that we don't need funding from anyone else. We have a little scam going. The underclassmen need lab coats for lab. They also need safety goggles. The bookstore doesn't sell the goggles required for our lab. They also sell nice lab coats that run about $25, but they're worth it if you're a chem major and you know that you will need it for the rest of your scholastic career, if not your entire life.

So we order boxes of goggles and lab coats, mark up the price, and sell them for a tidy profit that finances the rest of the years festivities.

Last night was the grad student senate dinner and the entire health insurance committee received awards and honorariums, which is cool and unexpected but obviously welcome. So that money is going into the "I need tires fund".

The sports car club awards dinner was also last night, no I didn't eat twice, I ate once for free at the other banquet, and since it was a little later than the other and slightly delayed thanks to some miscommunications with a local restaurant, Riviera (which has an awesome mediterranean buffet on the first Tues. of every month if you're in the neighborhood and want some excellent hummus and baklava), but I showed up to that one also and got a trophy for coming in 2nd in my class for the whole year of autocrossing. Yes I dominated my class at everyone attended, but I didn't attend enough, so I got 2nd.


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