Tuesday, April 12, 2005



Eh, nothing to really say today. I sold Clio, my '93 Saturn SL2, on Sunday. It hurts and now I don't have a car since Tercel is still dead at Publix, so I have ridden the bus to school the past two days. I will probably keep doing it when I get Tercel back too. Maybe not everyday, but most. Gas prices and all.

Don't know how this story slipped through the cracks, but Morty Seinfeld died, or the actor who portrayed him, Barney Martin. He was 82 and died of cancer, didn't say what kind.
CNN article on Barney Martin

Trying to plan a meeting between the health insurance committee and the health center people and it's a clusterfuck of contradicting schedules, but this meeting needs to happen. We need to get the word out that supported grad students, if you're paid by the university, will have to buy insurance. Not necessarily from Clemson, but you don't get any monetary help if you don't. They've allocated $125/semester and we're guesstimating the premiums to be around $1000. But we need to get this info out so that everyone has time to save up or make other arrangements for how they're going to pay for this. Yes it's gonna get ugly but it's for our own good. And Clemson is also working on increasing the subsidy each year so one day we won't pay for it at all, and they'll pay for our tuition also. Yes we have to pay tuition. It's around $1000/semester right now. And we're trying to bust into the top 20 public universities. Riiiight. We're in the wrong state to be in the top 20. South Carolina is way too poor to support a top research university. So professors, keep writing those grant proposals.


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