Friday, April 15, 2005


Boing! Boing!

I ordered my new Focus suspension today! I'm crazy excited! They look like
And of course I will get a before/after shot so you can see the Focus riding low. But the guy at BAT Inc. actually talked me out of getting the 50 mm (a little more than 2") springs and instead get the 35 mm (about 1.5"). The 50's drop your car alot and then you run into ground clearance issues and also camber adjustment becomes an issue. So I went with the 35's and hopefully I'll be pleased. But I think with how well the springs and adjustable struts affect my handling, I won't give a shit that my car isn't slammed to the ground. And the way I drive, I need all the ground clearance I can get.

And there is an autocross next weekend, so I will get a chance to give the new set-up a good run through.

Lifetime fluorescence istrument broke during training for the 4th time now. Sure glad I didn't spend the hundred grand on that thing. Here's a picture of it, so that you can see what I'm talking about. As if this clears it up for anyone, including me.


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