Wednesday, April 27, 2005



Had a tiny adventure on the way to catch the bus this morning.

Joan was extra sleepy and took today off, so she made it extra hard for me (no pun intended) to get out of bed this morning. So finally 9 am rolls around and I get up and shower. Tercel still being broken, nope didn't work on her yesterday cuz it was raining, we were discussing how I should get to work. Joan wanted the car to run some errands and I wanted the car so I wouldn't have to ride the bus. And Joan had to go to work at 3, other job, so I went to catch the 10:32 bus. I had breakfast and watched some Futurama, I'm not that slow in the morning.

Usually the bus is like clockwork, 8:02 am it shows up, 8:32 am it shows up, but apparently, it gets a little faster later in the day, so as I'm walking to the bus stop at 10:30 am, I see it go flying by. I wave my hands but to no avail. Shit. I can either get Joan to drop me off (not bloody likely) or I can wait till the 11 am bus (no book to read, so that ain't gonna happen). Then I remembered the creek. The creek at the bottom of our parking lot in a mini-ravine. The other side of this mini-ravine leads up to another apartment complex that the bus goes by about 5-6 minutes after he goes by our house.

So seeing that as my best option for getting to school at a reasonable hour, I drop into the gorge. Crap, it rained yesterday so the creek is up. Should I look for an easier place to cross? Shit, no time and there isn't a better place in viewing distance. Damn, should've worn my Gortex boots. So I jump and only put one shoe and part of my jeans in the creek and then only get splashed a few time by bushes hanging on to their rainwater, seemingly just to get me more wet. So I pop out onto the asphalt and wait about a minute and then the bus comes and I get on and make it to school.

And my jeans are almost dry now.


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