Tuesday, March 15, 2005


We miss you Kate!

Kate has stopped blogging, but hopefully she'll be back. I think it was really cathartic for her. She always had such personal and moving posts. She conveyed her feelings and emotions so well. But shame on her for leaving us without a saucy ending to her BBB saga. She was getting flirty with a nice black man she worked with and now we will never have the juicy ending we all wanted for Kate. But we can dream.

I saw in the Birmingham newspaper that Alabama is going to be voting on whether or not they want to add a gay marriage ban to the state constitution. Here is a wild prediction based on years of living there and in the South. It's going to pass. Unless all the AL gays, lesbians, transgendered, and their supporters go on an anti-voting campaign because they will most likely not get people to vote for them, so I think their best bet is to convince people not to vote. The vote will be in November, I guess, of next year. Once the date gets closer I'll start asking my relatives how they plan on voting for that. Should be interesting. I'll keeps ya posted.

Also saw in the paper that the chief of police of a small town was convicted for raping a 10 year old girl. But at least he's convicted and will serve at least 10 years with a max of life. And he's a cop and I hear they don't fare so well in prison. Especially Alabama's overcrowded prisons. Also hear rapists don't fare so well in prison either, so he'll get his.

Has everyone been following the Terri Schiavo story out of Florida? Apparently the court has ruled and her feeding tube will come out this Friday. Someone brought up a good point that the money keeping her alive and the time used on her case could both be used for better causes. But the fact that her husband has remarried and already collected on her insurance settlement or malpractice settlement is a little shady.

Joan and I have discussed this, which I presume Terri and her husband did also, but now I know without anything in writing, it's all just hearsay. So once Joan and I get out of this lovely state full of South Carolinians, and one of us (probably me) gets a real job, then we can put all this stuff into writing and get it notarized and make it legal Smiegel.

I just hope we can find a lawyer with a soul. There are so few out there.


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