Monday, March 14, 2005


Those poor diabetic squirrels

Had a sit down with Dad this weekend. He explained that he was just giving advice because we asked for it. Granted that was 4 months ago, but I'll let it slide. He promised that they wouldn't ever offer advice unless we asked for it, which is nice. He just told me to be realistic and know that 50% of marriages fail, which I know, so to just cover my ass. Thanks for the concern, but it sounds like you don't believe in our marriage. It's not that, they're just looking out for me. Awww but that's still a little twisted.

Although he did show me some stuff he found on which says that eleven states and D.C. recognize common-law marriages. In good ol' SC, all it takes is: "A common-law marriage is established if a man and woman intend for others to believe they are married." That's it? And then I can be on her health insurance and take marriage credits? Well sure thing. So I guess I didn't lie to the IRS, we really are married, sort of. Awesome.

We bought a radar detector also last week and this weekend was the first time I really got to use it on the interstate. Only saw one speed trap and it was on the other side. It didn't go off so I'm assuming that they were using laser. Since laser is so precise, it basically has to actually hit the detector for it to go off. One website I saw, if they bounced it off your front plate, not one detector went off. Even the really fancy expensive ones. Crazy.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY VADERGRRRL! Hope you received all the spankings you deserved!

On the "making Focus cooler" front, I'm still waiting to sell the kayak and then I plan on upgrading shocks, springs and brakes, both pads and rotors. So I need to email Ruthie, linked to your left, and she if she REALLY wants my kayak and stuff, if not then I'll probably just list it on It's a print and online classified listing thing and generated plenty of interest for my motorcycle so maybe it would work for the kayak.

And Joan brought up the possibility of selling Clio, the Saturn, and Turkel, the Tercel, or trading them in and getting a newer car. We have some money saved up, but that doesn't mean I want to go blowing it on cars. Yes I want to but I know I shouldn't, stupid responsibilities. So again begins the process of buying another car. Haven't made up my mind as to whether we're going to trade in both our cars, or try to sell them ourselves, or sell one and fix the other. Or sell both and me take the bus to school (not likely, we really like each having a car). But I do plan on taking the bus to school a little more once the weather decides what it's going to do. The biggest factor in that decision is gas prices, which I'm sure for some is above $2/gallon for unleaded and damn sorry for you high performance car drivers (which I strive to be once I can afford the car and gas). And also Clemson wants to instate a transit fee and increase the parking fee. Transit fee would help increase the "right now free" Clemson bus system, CAT - Clemson Area Transit which is a great service for both students and the community. The increased parking fee would help build parking decks around campus, which we need and we also pay some of the lowest parking fees in the nation. Currently commuters pay $67 for a year long parking pass. I know other schools are as high as $400 with some being higher.

So have a good week and remember, SPRING BREAK STARTS FRIDAY! Not that grad students are supposed to get it, indentured servanthood and all, but my boss is cool and knows that I can make up the work missed.


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