Monday, March 28, 2005


That was alot of rain

Drove back from Florida yesterday. It rained for about 6 of the 9 hours that I was driving. I drove both ways. Joan actually only drove one-way to her friend's house and back from Tampa to Orlando. But I like driving and would've let her drive if I was sleepy but I was okay. And SC roads suck. They don't drain properly and there were several tense split seconds of sliding/hydroplaning.

Lots of work to do, lots of blogs to read, lots of pictures and videos to sort through and post.

I currently weigh the heaviest ever in my life, so congratulations to my chunky ass and thanks to Florida for helping that. I even walked around all day at Busch Gardens in Tampa. I guess one day of moderate walking just isn't the miracle diet I thought it would be. So I get to reacquaint myself with our school rec center. And I have to get Joan to go to, but I've always found it easier to go on my way home cuz once I'm home it takes a force of nature to get me to leave, especially to go work out, which is basically torture but it does make you feel better. And I will be a better climber and my car will go faster.


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