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This Friday I have a graduate student health insurance summit in Columbia, SC. Attending will be grad student representatives from Clemson, U of South Carolina and Medical U of South Carolina. Also in attendance will be state staffers from various state agencies, SC Commission on Higher Education, Senate Finance Committee, SC Dept. of Commerce, etc. So this is a fairly important meeting and a chance to show that grad students are concerned about this issue and want resolution.

So I get to pimp the Grad School minivan down to Columbia with the 7 or so people going from here. I need to send out an email because it doesn't have a CD player and I don't want to have to surf the dial and no one has tapes anymore. But we can use a cassette adaptor so I'm sending out the email asking if anyone has one of those.

I'm not sure if I do or not, I'll check when I get home tonight.

Last night I helped a friend put in some new struts onto his Protege. Pretty cheap actually, 4 adjustable struts for $450, but of course you would need new springs too so add in another $200-300 for those. I think the only Protege driver in our little blogosphere is April, but I could be mistaken. No one else talks about their car. And I assume that you all have cars.

I have another autocross this Saturday, and yes I get a little throttle happy around those times, so to combat this I'm planning on taping my warning from the DUI stop onto the dashboard of the minivan. Just a friendly reminder to slow the hell down and not kill myself and my 6 passengers.

But I'm looking forward to the autocross for lots of reasons:
1) I get to race.
2) I get to see how those new adjustable dampers (struts) work on my friend's car.
3) I get to see if Beetle Buddy can go even faster.
4) I get to race and not get tickets or fear for public safety.

I guess that's about it. And before the autocross I need to come in and put a crystal on the X-ray diffractometer. We use that to determine the structure of our crystals so that we know what the hell it is.

I took some crystals out last week that could possibly be sapphire and if it is then I plan on doping in a little chromium and making some ruby, so I'll let you know how that goes, and I'm going to go ahead and jump the gun and if anyone wants a very small ruby (0.5mm-1mm) just let me know.

And before I forget, lots of NORML action all over the country, the list of states with medical marijuana bills before their senate and/or house is quite impressive now. Here is the list and click here to take action and be NORML! or click directly on your state's link.

So please contact your state senators and representatives and make a difference.

Alaska - Alaska Governor Is Attempting To Make Marijuana Possession A Felony
Alaska - Alaska Governor Is Attempting To Make Marijuana Possession A Felony
Alabama - Alabama Legislature To Consider Medical Marijuana
California - California Legislature Considers Industrial Hemp
Connecticut - Connecticut Legislature Considers Medical Marijuana
Iowa - Iowa Senate Considers Medical Marijuana
Minnesota - Minnesota Senate Considers Medical Marijuana
Missouri - Missouri Considers Punishing Columbia For Easing Marijuana Laws
New Hampshire - New Hampshire Considers Industrial Hemp
New Hampshire - New Hampshire Considers Medical Marijuana
New Hampshire - New Hampshire Legislature Considers Decriminalization
New Jersey - New Jersey Senate Considers Medical Marijuana
New Mexico - New Mexico Senate Considers Medical Marijuana
Ohio - Ohio Senate Considers Medical Marijuana
Ohio - Ohio House Considers Dangerous Drugged Driving Legislation
Rhode Island - Rhode Island House Considers Medical Marijuana
Rhode Island - Rhode Island Senate Considers Medical Marijuana
Tennessee - Tennessee Senate Considers Medical Marijuana
Tennessee - Tennessee House Considers Medical Marijuana
Texas - Texas Legislature Considers Decriminalization
Texas - Texas Considers Bill To Protect Medical Marijuana Patients


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