Monday, March 07, 2005


I take a deep breath and I step outside

Racing went okay this weekend. Here are the results from Saturday. It was actually a two day autocross so that was nice. But I could not get faster on Sunday. At all. Usually the trend is that your last run is the fastest. This did not hold true on Sun. My first run was the fastest and I tried with my 4 other passes to get faster only to fail each time. But I still won my class, G for any NASA people, and got a little trophy! Yay! It reminds me of the trophies that are handed out for kids sports, but not everyone gets these.

My friend with the Protege finally beat me on Sunday. I had a 53.35 or so for my fast time and he put down a 52.23 for his. Excellent job and I'm proud of him. But once I get my suspension work done, it's on. And once I replace my bent rim. And if I can find some cheap race tires, then I would use those, but that's cheating in my opinion. I still wanna see how Focus would handle with race tires though.

I have videos and a few pictures and will get those up sometime this week.

And if you recognize the lyrics from the post title then congratulations, you win the 90's music trivia of the day award!


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