Wednesday, March 30, 2005



So I have noticed that there is something in our water. E-Lo, Catt, John(John's wife) all have new babies on the way. Which is great. All of it. And John's chitlin is due in October, not the best month to have a kid (September is the best, New Year's conceived babies!) but it's LA so it doesn't matter. I get the impression that they don't have seasons over there.

I said in my comments down below that I find pregnant women sexy. I do. I think it's something primal. The idea of a human growing inside of you and then they get to grow up and help the earth somehow. At least I hope they help as opposed to being the Anti-Christ or Anti-Mohammed if you're of that persuasion.

The belly is so alluring. I know everyone remembers the cover of Vanity Fair (googled) where she posed naked and ready to pop. If you don't remember it
there you go.

And of course the belly is symmetrical, which all the Discovery channel shows that I watch on human attraction tell me is what our species desire. It's a perfect round globe. Now none of the above mentioned new or new again parents are at that stage, maybe John's woman is since I don't know when you start to show and all that, but they will get there. And for the love, don't touch their bellies. Ever get between a Mama bear or crocodile and her babies? No cuz if you did, you'd be dead. So don't EVER touch the belly of a mother-to-be without express verbal, if not written, consent. Just my little public service announcement to help out all my favorite chicas. I gotcha back.


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