Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Almost forgot

I uploaded all of my racing videos from 2 weeks ago. It was the autocross on campus put on by the Clemson Sports Car Club.

There are videos of me, which can be found here.
And there are pictures from our snow day also. But if you live anywhere that gets real snow, don't laugh it's all we get all year, and don't be jealous either.

Other videos of fellow racers can be found on this website.

There are videos of a Subaru WRX with a nice exhaust on it and the other work that I've told you about.

Also a Mazda Protege ES that we have also done work on and there is one video of me driving it, in car view. The comment I make is "Fuck. That was retarded," which is in reference to how awesome the new dampers felt. His car was so smooth and flat through that slalom.

And a Volkswagen Beetle who was racing in his 2nd autocross ever.

Enjoy and feel free to stream those videos, it's "free" bandwidth thanks to my tuition.


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