Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Allstate my ass

So my car insurance, which I pay every 6 months to avoid their $8 monthly payment processing fee, is up on Mar. 12th. It's $753 for Focus and Clio, '04 Focus and '93 Saturn respectively. Oh and if anyone knows a good car name, I'm all ears, I'm stuck on what to call Focus.

And if I sell Clio, which is currently the plan, my premium goes up to $820. WTF? But I think we're going to try a little scheme. The insurance companies don't check to see if you're actually married or not, so we're going to claim that we are, which will eventually happen so it isn't REALLY a lie, only a temporary one. So we tried that at Allstate and even with Joan's 2 tickets, or rates go down $8. If she didn't have those, it would go down $50. So we're gonna do that and pick the best rate either with Allstate or State Farm, mine and hers. I have used Progressive in the past and might check with them, but both our insurance companies have offices about 4 minutes from our house and it's so convenient to go bug them when we have a question.

Okay, Joan just called and it sounds like State Farm is slightly cheaper so they're getting my bizness, sorry Allstate, but thanks for covering the myriad accidents I had the last couple years. Huh? I didn't have any? Then thanks for taking my money and keeping me legally on the road.

And anyone who lives around Mt. St. Helens, DUCK!

Very sad story but important life lesson, be extreeeemely careful what you buy from street vendors, abroad and at home. Don't eat the cassava balls!

And the cohabitation drama isn't over, it's postponed until this weekend when I get to see my parents! Yay! But Joan can't go cuz she has to work, Boo!

I am going to have to take notes about what my parents and I talk about; Joan is never satisfied with my brief synopsis of what happened, she wants a word for word recounting of the events, so I'll do my best, but that isn't for a few days and I got crystals to worry about before then.


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